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In the many years that Midmath has been in business, we have had many satisfied customers who use and believe in our products.

Here’s what a few of them have said about our line of helpful educational products..

                                                  Real Life Experiences Using Classified Ads


This project was written to give students the opportunity to experience vicariously real-life employment-related situations. Much role playing takes place as the student moves from becoming aware that a job is needed to survive as an adult to seeking and obtaining that job realistic experiences of completing a job application and interviewing for the position.

Both the job application form and the interview ideas are printed in the book. After a job has been secured, the student is given thought-provoking ideas about budgeting income to allow for living expenses. Newspaper ads are used to find the data needed to complete the various worksheets and to work with the spreadsheets. To cite an example, the budget worksheet guides the student in learning about such terms as budget, salary, hourly, weekly, monthly income, income taxes, gross salary and net income.

The mathematics involved in these terms is explained, and sample problems are surveyed. The data collected by students can be entered and manipulated to solve problems related to budgeting income. The MIDMATH project would be a great supplement to the usual curriculum requirements.


                                                                          Mental Math Series Testimonials

“An enjoyable way to drill students on mental computation”…

This product consists of two complete games designed to reinforce computational skills through mental  arithmetic.                                         Each game consists of a deck of cards of the form of “I have…Who has…?

Each player is dealt at least one card, and the entire deck of thirty-five cards must be dealt. The player holding the first card in this deck would say aloud, “I have one; who has this times seven, plus five?” The player holding the card with 12 on it would then read her card: I have twelve; who has this times two, minus one?” The player holding the card with 23 on it would then read his card, and so on. The activity continues in circular fashion until all thirty-five cards are read. The solution to the last card is 1. Although you can start with any number and end with that same number.

The activity can be done quickly with a group of students and serves as an enjoyable way to drill students on mental computation. Students must be attentive and solve each problem as it is read because the cards do not follow any predictable sequence.

The cards are most appropriate for grades 4-8, as the skills reinforced are limited to simple computation. The introduction that accompanies the cards suggests that the game be timed and played repeatedly with a goal of beating the previous time.

The second game is similar in play, but this deck has thirty-four cards and is a little more difficult. An answer sheet is included for each game and is color-coded so the teacher can follow along.

S. Stetzer

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